offline art633 Veteran  
Thursday 17/06/2010, 13:49

Hey, I made something like that:

Could You tell me what You think about it? Nightmare lacks good 3* so in 5* / 2x4* / 2x3* / 3x2* split I decided to use Uranus and Spiaghi as reducers, and Copper temporairy takes Ghumbos place... It looks strange but already got me past 1300 elo and I'm hoping for more smiley with hand of all cards from different clans we have Copper and two reducers, and in case of meeting Gheist or Roots, Nightmares bonus is often active with 2 or 3 cards to beat them smiley

offline 0 AI D0minate Hero  
Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:23

I like it but for elo i'm level 19 and the best deck i have ever used HAS to be this one For the first time i have reached 1400 elo

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