offline calvin_0 Guru  
Sunday 01/08/2010, 08:51

My deck currently have

lv.5 Avola
lv.4 Edd
lv.3 Mona
lv.3 Sharon
lv.3 Ottavia
lv.3 Oscar
lv.2 Prince Jr
lv.2 Spiaghi

since Spiaghi is ban starting next monday. can anyone suggest a replacement for it? i'm thinking about Ricardo since he is also a DR. But on the other hand Ficcanaso and Filomena look kindda good replacement as well.

so what do you guys think?

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Sunday 01/08/2010, 09:08

Ricardo is an awful DR. He can only reduce to a 4, which is a pretty large amount of damage to let through.

Either of the two you listed will do.

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