offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Friday 20/08/2010, 08:38

With the bans i believe making solid ELO decks has become cheaper than before. In this post i will go with reviews of most of the clans and their cheaper ELO playable cards. I`ll focus on half decks since they are more versatile and should be able to adjust to the weekly bans quite easily. For the sake of argument lets define cheaper as approximately 4000 clintz or less for a half deck. Which means you get a decent deck for around 8k

Bangers - Chlora, Loocio, Bball, Massiv

AllStars - Alexei, Stacey, Kang, Randy

FPC, LaJunta - currently a budget option is tough with the new popularity of this clan

Freaks - another tough one to play competitively on a budget, but a small support half deck can be pieced together using hula esmeralda, harleen, piotr, olga noel, and mira --- the other half of your deck will have to provide most of the ooomph

Gheist, Nightmare, Sentinels, Vortex - tough on a budget

Jungo - Mindy, Wendy, Radek, Pegh, and Askai are affordable options.

Junks - Gibson Dreen Veenyl Onik and Sentagon

Pussycats - Brittany, Muse, Noemi, Ella and even some of the big dangerous cats like Veronica and Jeyn can work. Svelthlana can step in a much cheaper filler than Gwen or Wanda

Roots - Amanie, Rico, Yookie, Noodile, Jeto, Miken Moose Jeena , roots will be dancing around the bans for weeks to come. With no one card that makes them the powerhouse that they are, shutting them down completely in a particular week is hard to do.

Sakrohm - hard at this time but Murray Corrina Wakai Naboh and Jautya are all decent options

Skeelz - Mandred Greem Redra Deebler Zeke Clay Danae and Chwing are all good or decent cards... but their top cards have always been expensive. You`ll need a half deck that will pair up with them well

Ulu Watu - Nanook Stanley Janice George Kirk Taigo Lin Bee and 1 star Warren give you a few options with them

Uppers - Oxen Samantha Wendel Wayne Stark Frankie Hi Harold Glenn and Nellie should give you affordable options

Rescue - will have to dance around the bans... but i do believe 8000 clintz decks are possible, just dont expect to dominate smiley

Well there you go, have a look at that selection of affordable ELO competitive cards, put some together, and win a bunch of games

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Tuesday 24/08/2010, 21:35

Nah. You can get to 1300+ ELO with pretty much any deck you build, if it has some consistency to it. For example:

Nanook, Stanly, Taigo, Janice - 13 stars
Murray, Corrina, Jautya, Nimestiec - 12 stars

It is a really solid deck for ELO this week, could easily get you to 1300+, and it isn't expensive.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 25/08/2010, 12:45

Yup i agree with GioYNWA.... easily make several 1300 decks with the cards listed here.

@saivior - yup if you are looking to make mono decks on a budget with the bans.... good luck. you will be in for a longer week. much better off playing split decks using the best of the competitive clans that are affordable from 2 clans

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