offline On3- Zecueid Titan The Fellowship of the Ring
Tuesday 19/10/2010, 04:28

With Ghumbo unbanned, I thought I should be able to win easily, However, not getting the results i want. What is a good half Nightmare deck and a clan to accompany with it?

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Tuesday 19/10/2010, 05:19

Candy Jack, Elixer, Melluzine, Mojo

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Tuesday 19/10/2010, 07:21

What he said except change elixer to a real card. Also, I suggest you use Rescue with these guys, Nightmare/Rescue is killer.smiley

XD kidding man. I guess I shud give a serious answer.
Ghumbo, Glorg, Eadh, Phyllis -my own half

offline Eduard Khil Imperator  
Tuesday 19/10/2010, 20:44
but also good
Candy Jack
Pulsar/Guru Cr

last one is your pick but i will go oalways with my dear Pulsar smiley

offline MABanator Hero Ramshackle Glory
Tuesday 19/10/2010, 23:50

Ghumbo Pan mawapin and phylis

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