offline The-Girl-eVo Senior  
Thursday 13/12/2007, 19:16

Hi again,

Tournament is starting now.
Check out with what you will need to fight smiley

Group A
Treamor LoA

Group B
N a D i r

Group C
1f - KV Raven
1f-warr kid

I know its random smiley
1) No Doubles
2) No Rescue
3) No Pilzz
4) No bad words to others
5) No NICK changing (or you will be disqualifited)
6) No OLD cr's
7) Only cards what accept in ELO
smiley If someone doesnt respond give him 1 day - if he dont respond anyway you are win and you get 40 points. and he will get 10 points

1) Jackie (and maybe Kerozinn Cr)
2) Zatman
3) Rubie
4) Larry smiley

N.B. If you see someone cheating (using pilz or something) screen it and posts your link to the image smiley

Did i say all? I guess so smiley


offline MadMaXsilesia Veteran Silesia Power
Saturday 15/12/2007, 00:20

Hi, I`m a friend of 0LET_QJON and I want to inform you that 0LET_QJON was blaklisted and he must give up.

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Saturday 15/12/2007, 00:39


Back to crushed 0ET_MeRMaiD (12-0) - you received : 37 points and 9 clintz
Today at 20:35 beat 0ET_MeRMaiD (6-0) - you received : 41 points and 7 clintz

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Saturday 15/12/2007, 00:48

My battle (3rd - group b)
Back to were annihilated by DarkAssault (0-12) - you received : 3 points and 4 clintz
Today at 12:35 lost against DarkAssault (0-6) - you received : 6 points and 2 clintz

i have one question, whats the star limit?? coz i think its not fair for poeple like me who followed the 25 star rules to battle against someone with lots of stars...

i battled with dark assault today and this is his deck: (i dont know the other two because this was the cards that showed up when i battled him)
tessa - 5 stars
copper - 5 stars
Hugo - 5 stars
skinner - 3 stars
ruby - 3 stars
zatman - 3stars

=24 stars for 6 cards.....

i just want to be clear with this


offline edwsan Imperator Urban Revenge
Saturday 15/12/2007, 00:50

Wow think q arrive late can still enter the tournament ?????

offline johnnysay Imperator HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 15/12/2007, 03:10

Yea i messaged treamor loa early but he never responded smiley,,,, n 0korki did but we didn't battle haha
so 0LET_QJON's out? n also,,, can u guys please make it clear to us cuz i too have been using a 25 star deck.... there's no limit then?smiley

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 15/12/2007, 09:19

I suggest for the tournament to take a little pause untill the organizer gives a clear answer about the star limit.

Because she (I'll assume a "she" because of the name and the picture) didn't post the rule in this subject of the tournament, where a list of the complete rules has to be posted, the logical thing it would be that there isn't such a rule...

But if she says this rule exists, ALL of the game between players that had decks with max 25 stars and the ones with decks over 25 stars will have to be replayed (including the match that I played)

I suggest for all the players to wait untill she gives a clear answer.

And also some suggestions for this and other tournaments that will be organized

- All the rules have to be posted in the main subject of the tournament
- The rules posted in the "inscription" subject may change and have NO value if they are not posted in the main subject
- Also the prizes have to be posted on the main subject (which she did)
- I suggest before posting the rules to check for advice with more experienced players or moderators and ask them to help you with the tournament if possible
- After you organize a tournament I suggest that you try to check the tournament's page as often as possible to clear out any situations and enforce the rules if needed.

offline CooKIESnCreaM Imperator  
Saturday 15/12/2007, 11:57

Hey sorry for not replying but i had a slight fever yesterday and could not play... and for those who pm me im sorry for the absence...

offline 0MystiQ QJON Titan El ojo de Michael
Sunday 16/12/2007, 01:19

I`m back. I can still play, PM me, because my blacklist is not actually now, I don`t understand this situation, but I`m happy, because I can still play in this tournament.

offline 0MystiQ QJON Titan El ojo de Michael
Sunday 16/12/2007, 14:47

Today at 15:46 beat Treamor LoA (9-0) - you received : 47 points and 7 clintz
Today at 15:42 crushed Treamor LoA (12-0) - you received : 43 points and 9 clintz

offline Treamor LoD Imperator Legends of the Dark
Sunday 16/12/2007, 14:54

Heiy,, i'm back,,
i already sent massage to johny,,,
but he haven't reply yet,, or am i too late ??

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