offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 21/06/2010, 13:38

So this week oshitsune gets banned. I was using this deck last week: ( Unfortunately oshitsune is a key player in that deck. I dont have all the money in the world to buy a totally different deck so I'm just gonna change my current one.
My idea:
Bristone>Darth(ya i just wanted to bring this up smiley )

Pls Helpsmiley

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 21/06/2010, 14:03

Keep Bristone. Darth is too shaky.

I prefer -2 power to +2 damage, but that's arguable.

If you can afford it, I'd do this:
Oshitsune - Ghumbo
Pan -> Phyllis or Eadh

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 21/06/2010, 14:26

Cool Ghumbo isnt banned this week. Unfortunately even if i sell oshitsune i'd be 3-4k short(im welcome to offers tho haha). I dont know where my clintz is going, I should have like 5k more than a few weeks ago that 5% is such a b*tch. Thanks for helping me (again smiley) shadow. Btw for further notice i have like 10k to spend if i sell oshitsune.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Tuesday 22/06/2010, 11:48

Well, the way I do it is to sell any expensive cards I have lying around that I'm not using. If you're aiming for a deck you think you might use a lot, then hoarding cards really is counter-productive.

If you don't like the 5%, use the trade forum for straight swaps. smiley

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