offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Friday 09/07/2010, 10:00

I realise this may be a little premature as we don't currently have an 8 card set for the mode, and we only have 8 cards at all... but I'd like some feedback so far.

I ran this for a while when the cards first came out: My Beautiful Vortex II

I didn't have much luck.

As semi-experienced Piranas player who can take their mono sets into the 1300e+ range with ease, I figured their style would bolster my favourite aspect of the Piranas clan: their pill manipulation.

However, I found (with the exception of the wonderful Deea), that even though the pill return on Vortex loss was a threat, most of the time the pill return was just nowhere near enough to counter the more popular clans such as Rescue and (especially) All Stars.

I'm used to playing the crafty tactics with Piranas already, so I had a decent idea about how to play my vortex to maximise potential, but no matter how well I played them they were just overpowered by sheer strength.

Often I'd be in a position where I'd have a pill advantage, but the pillz I has still weren't enough versus -2 power et al.

Perhaps i didn't invest enough time in the clan, perhaps I really need to rethink my strategy... however, I'm not convinced the clan are ever going to do well in Elo. Much like Freaks and Jungo, they seem to be a clan who will suit very specific playstyles and will be adored by their fans, but won't have the necessary kick to compete in 1300e+


offline riley957_WMD Titan  
Monday 12/07/2010, 05:50

Lol i was just playing elo and i came up against 2 vortex decks in a row and they left as soon as they saw i'd drawn nightmare

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