offline Lunien Guru  
Monday 11/10/2010, 06:08

Characters temporarily banned by the players’ votes
Shann Cliff Stanly Methane Sledg Gil Lou Emeth Copper

Characters temporarily banned by the staff
Robb Leviatonn Ghumbo Elvira Rico Nanook Blaaster Rolph Oshitsune Kerry Uranus Dorian Vermyn N Toro Dalhia Arno Lehane Bristone Rowdy Hawkins Noodile Chiara


Copper's finally gone. SoA clans still being hit pretty hard - Methane Toro Leviatonn Bristone Rolph out for the GHEIST, Noodile Arno Lou Rico out for the Roots. Rescue still pretty much out - Sledg Elvira Kerry Cliff banned still. Otherwise, usual suspects on the list: Rowdy, Uranus, Blaaster.

Some fresh news: Hawkins banned, will probably hurt Piranas users some, but not by much, Hawkins Noel is usable. Lehane banned too, which pretty much eliminates Sentinel. Marina not banned, so definitely expect to see some all-star play. Askai gets off the list, and Pegh returns from his short stint, so expect to see more Jungo this week.

TLDR: Copper finally gone, SoA clans + Rescue still getting banned, All-stars make a comeback. Jungo might see more play time with Askai, Pegh back.

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Wednesday 13/10/2010, 14:50

Lol i just found out yookie is unbanned. Now the bristone banniing seems more idiotic. I'm not mourning for the gheist anymore though I feel a bit "enlightened" or something after some success with my allstars/nightmares deck.

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Wednesday 13/10/2010, 15:02

Natural damage + damage reduce + SOA is one of the strongest combinations in the game, probably the best synergy in the game.

offline Overman Cr Hero  
Wednesday 13/10/2010, 23:21

Just hit 1300 with Rescue, it can be still be done folks!

offline -0ImprintX Master Les Lycans de la Lune
Thursday 14/10/2010, 04:20

Hit 1316 with GHEIST, that can still be done >smiley

offline -Rayce Guru Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 14/10/2010, 05:39

I'm not sure what kind of jerks voted for methane when they knew GHEIST was nearly out already, I made a deck ready for the week that happened to contain gil and methane. I was pretty pissed when I saw they were out and mona spaghia and marina were in...I hate you guys

offline -Rayce Guru Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 14/10/2010, 05:41

To be clear that last part was for the people that voted for them only, I don't hate everyone reading this thread

offline -0ImprintX Master Les Lycans de la Lune
Friday 15/10/2010, 05:38

Haha now 1340 elo...

Mono gheist can still be done my friend

offline jd105l Veteran  
Friday 15/10/2010, 19:34

1304 this morning.

half gheist, half pussycats. wins with 2hko potential, wins by attrition with poison and dr. can win rounds with 2*,2*,2*,3* draws. most trouble was matchups vs AS/Montana halfdecks. handled most everything else without thought.

offline Hybrid069 Hero The Hybrids
Sunday 17/10/2010, 04:30

Hawk IS ON THE TEMPORARY BAN LIST TWO WEEKS FROM NOW! Could this mean that Hawk and possible some other currently permanently banned cards can be used in ELO again? WEEEE!

offline Raisinbman Guru  
Sunday 17/10/2010, 07:20

Please no Hawk. I'll take Charlie back, though.

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