offline Termina Est Senior  
Monday 18/10/2010, 01:28

19:25 Elo you narrowly escaped from -TL-, ~Team Canada~ (2-1): 1022 ELO
18:54 Elo you beat quike2, ✟Godslayer✟ (6-0): 1022 ELO
18:42 Elo you lost by timeout against KirstenHeaney (6-smiley: 1022 ELO
16:26 Elo you beat gambasman (6-0): 1022 ELO
15:43 Elo you beat qqqqqw (8-4): 1004 ELO

Referring to the lack of change in my elo rating.

offline Termina Est Senior  
Monday 18/10/2010, 03:51

Nevermind, I'm an idiot.

offline jviper360 Veteran  
Wednesday 20/10/2010, 05:52


offline Remzer Hero Les Saintes Galoches
Thursday 21/10/2010, 14:16

Yeah, I got the same question two weeks ago, before figuring out that the ELO ranking didn't change for a couple hours around the end of the ELO week... smiley

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