offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 18/10/2010, 04:13

Lol ghumbo's not banned smiley. problem is, he's around 17k right now smiley. Well, you lose some you win some i guess. This might force me to make drastic choices like selling leviatonn for 7.8k smiley and ghumbo's price might go down by next week if he's banned again, but I haven't played ghumbo yet so I think it's worth it..

offline --werewolf-- Senior Heavenly Heights
Monday 18/10/2010, 13:32

I saw your deck and i will use it this week! Ghumbo in elosmileyill or lose

offline Zee Deveel Master  
Monday 18/10/2010, 14:09

Thanks smiley. I hope ghumbo won't be banned next week(tho theres a small chance that that will happen smiley). I probably cant finish elo this week cos i have to study for my exams next week. Please vote for keep for ghumbo!!! XP

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