Tuesday 19/10/2010, 20:28

I dont really want to use 5stars cause too much options and too little space.

4star- Elly Mae, Jeyn and Veronica
3star- Candice, Noemi, Muze
2star- Ella, Brittany

Hmmm.. what do you think???
I didnt use Feelyn cause i dont think she really suit my style.
Effie is based on luck so i dont want that randomness.

And i think those are the top three 3star Pussycats.
Betty is great and all but that dmg is just too low, it doesnt really compensate the ability.

Baby Q is great but that 6 power on a 4star is just not good enough.

And the reason i dont use any 5stars cause yea 5 stars just takes too much room. I rather sacrifice having one super strong card than having a one or more weak links in the deck.

Ella is not weak it is her job to reduce.
Candice +2pill is basically for me a +12atk since if i win i gain it back and if i lose well T_T, perfect bluff though.
Muze's ability is perfect in a dmg reducer clan.
And most of my cards have sufficiently good dmg except for Brittany and Ella(not used for offence)

Please dont insult but criticise.

Friday 22/10/2010, 01:49

Having a T2 or Survivor Pussycats suit me more

e.g Ella, Louise, Clara, Baby Q, Noemi, Muze, Ella, Wanda (Can be affordable)
Next gets kinda scary
e.g Charlie, Louise, Emma, Clara, Yayoi, Muze, Noemi, Ella or Wanda

Friday 22/10/2010, 07:58

Ella to Gwen 1*, then bump Jeyn to Ditha or another 5*. Also, wait for Yayoi to be ELO legal!

Effie is good if it isn't a SOA week.

Friday 22/10/2010, 09:13

Gwen 1*

Candice is weak smiley Having a 5* is very useful when you're in a 1-round-and-win situation, both Louise and Ditha are good.

Friday 22/10/2010, 12:22

Drop Veronica to Meg (I guess) and up Jeyn or Elly Mae to Ditha.


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