offline 0 AI D0minate Hero  
Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:24

This deck has put me on a winning streak of more than 15 now and i'm at 1400 elo
I find it to be perfect in every way possible so balanced for me.

offline Endracer Guru  
Friday 18/06/2010, 03:23

Hmm okay? You know there is a place to put your presets right?

But yeah if you want to bragh about it I will point the failures:
-The deck is expensive
-You rely on poisoning

If it works for you thats cool man but you don't need to start pointing out that is the best elo deck.... tell me that when you get to 1700 ELO, then I will eat my words smiley

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Friday 18/06/2010, 03:48

Add salt to your words...makes them taste better smiley

Anyway i think personally theres just deck that are all round good

Now there all good...but i dont think there is a 'best' Elo deck..just a 'Best' player..(i.e me lol xD)
but overall its a nice deck, as Lu-Endracer said, if its working for you then carry on.

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