Sunday 20/06/2010, 08:01

Is it wise to use Timber as a 1 star filler in any deck.
Cancel Leader works if both you and your opponent have one right? So not only is he a 5/2, but he makes their Hugo or Ambre less intimidating. And using level 1 Timber leaves room for other great clan cards.
If I'm wrong about cancel Leader (I only use Vasneer in Training...), then sorry, but this seems like a good idea to me.

Sunday 20/06/2010, 08:13

No, cancel Leader only cancels your leaders' bonuses if you have more than one in hand.
Your opponent's leaders are unaffected.

Sunday 20/06/2010, 08:14

Ya, Cancel Leader is if you have more than 1 Leader in ur hand, and they both get cancelled smiley

Sunday 20/06/2010, 15:28

Darn, I thought both would cancel each other out (mine and my opponent's), still, a 5/2 is a nice filler.


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