offline jrm520 Veteran Luthor Corp.
Sunday 25/07/2010, 00:58

So I decided to invest into and create a half nightmare, half Gheist deck. I have looked on the message board and tried to assemble the most effiecient deck I could. Considering the usuals that are elo-banned for Nightmare and Gheist, my deck is:

Gheist 12*

Nightmare 13*

Could anyone give me any possible suggestions on swaping out specific cards for others, or perhaps adding cards from another clan? Or maybe swapping out cards for a different strategy? I don't really have a strategy with the deck, just looked as if these were the best of the clan given stars and elo-bans. Any help or advice would definitely be appreciated.

offline Krahhl Veteran  
Wednesday 28/07/2010, 23:18

This is exactly the same deck I came up with after some feedback and reworking.
I think switch Methane for Toro and Azgroth for Oshitsune when they aren't banned.

As for strategy, there isn't much more than just following the general basics and your own play style. Stop any scary abilities/bonuses and win rounds as pill-efficiently as possible.

offline Jemme Senior  
Thursday 29/07/2010, 19:52

I've recently acquired a Gheist/Nightmare deck aswell. It has Leviatonn and Toro this week, i'll swap those out for the Wardom en Arkn i have lying around next week.

I'm by no means a pro though so any comments on that deck are welcome smiley

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