offline markson Guru  
Sunday 24/10/2010, 03:20

Well, I'm fairly new so sorry if this has been posted before but I read in the elo rules that the highest attack ALWAYS wins. I have played slot of elo this week and quite a few of my games I have lost when I had more attack which made me lose the game. So I'm just wondering why this is. I'm played on a iPhone if that makes a differece.

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Sunday 24/10/2010, 03:54

You might be playing on random mode. Check your game settings.

offline jviper360 Veteran  
Sunday 24/10/2010, 06:21

I think you can either set that you play random or non-random. Click on your name on the left side to get to your profile. Then click on the preferences tab, and you can set to always play no-random.

offline markson Guru  
Sunday 24/10/2010, 07:28

Ah thanks alot for the help

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