Saturday 31/03/2007, 10:13

Hi I have had a few ppl in my quild inquire about this how do i set it up? prepare it/organize it ?
and do we play in our guild private room? any tips info strats greatly appreciated!

kind regards,


Sunday 01/04/2007, 07:37

Anyone please? do i just prganize it within guild forums i beleive but im curious on how do i give cards to winners or colect all ctz to hand to winners?smiley

Sunday 01/04/2007, 09:21

Yes, mainly you just have to organized it within guild forums, you decide all the rules etc. the entry fee is colected by selling a card to each player for the amount of clintz he wishes to pay. let's say the entry fee is 1000 you just sell a Globumm or whatever for 1050 to that player and afterwards he sells you back that card for 50.

the prizez are given the same way, the ones that won just sell you a card for an amount of clintz equal to their prize.

Sunday 01/04/2007, 11:27

Ahhh sweet okay thank you, now is it better to make members pay to play tourney or i just present cards for free to winners? is it better to make them win ctz or card? more just optional weather i feel giving i guess?

Sunday 01/04/2007, 11:30

All the rules, fee and prizes are up to you

Sunday 01/04/2007, 13:05

Okay thank you very much apprecite it smiley


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