Suggestion to DM bans

Monday 01/11/2010, 23:22

I suggest the DM should have bans too. The bans could be as follows:

First week of the month : No bans at all. All cards usable.
2nd week : Staff bans only.
3rd week : Full elo-bans including user-voted.
4th week : Staff bans only

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 00:13

What about a fifth week or would that just be included in the 1st week of the next month? Also I disagree somewhat as this mode is currently the only mode we can play with having decks without the ELO ban which leads to more creative decks.

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 00:17

Im actually quiet sick of bans at the moment so no, lets not ban cards in Deathmatch.

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 00:55


Tuesday 02/11/2010, 01:04


Tuesday 02/11/2010, 01:16

Hmm I disagree... Ambre + Ulu + Graks won't be the same :(

Interesting but DM is the one format that players could really use the cards freely without much strategy. (Yes there is Survivor but DM takes a heck of a lot less strategy)

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 01:43

I think the purpose they make DM T1 because many people rant they cannot use their banned card in DT
so I think adding ban is unreasonable as it would defeat the purpose they make DM as T1 not ELO mode like survivor

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 03:43

I say no to DM bans... if you wanna play in a format that has bans stick to elo.

I mean TBH, if this format didn't exist, where else would you play with the popular, sought after, CRs? I mean you can't even play them in the type 1 or type 2 rooms now without a penalty during DT.

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 09:15

Dm is here to allow the banned cards >:| NEVER ban cards from dm

Tuesday 02/11/2010, 10:01

"I say no to DM bans... if you wanna play in a format that has bans stick to elo."

There needs to be a room where OP cards can be used freely, without fear of penalty. Yeah, there's type 2 Survivor, but does everyone want to play type 2? I think not. DM is perfectly fine as is. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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