Wednesday 09/02/2011, 12:54

Tsubame gone too much with Praxie. But no more. Her dad has came .
Rate and comment -

Wednesday 09/02/2011, 13:13

Solid deck yet again with Praxie as an outlier. I will say no more though since he is your fave card.

Wednesday 09/02/2011, 13:14

2 deck is in front of you -

Thursday 10/02/2011, 04:47

I know you like Praxie but there is honestly no point of him in a FPC deck with no other Skeelz.

Thursday 10/02/2011, 05:38

WHo cares smiley

Thursday 10/02/2011, 09:01

I again got so many weird comments on this preset smiley

Thursday 10/02/2011, 13:09

It's up to you, to play Praxie in every deck you build but If you ask for a rating and he's bad in the deck (and in this deck (and in every other T2 deck where you splash him) he is bad) I will rate it red.

Praxie and Chan don't belong in this deck, they are both good T1 cards but this is a T2 deck and rating should be on the decks powerlevel and not on the decks powerlevel compared to your collection.


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