offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Monday 21/02/2011, 15:10

Please, stop DeathMatching with heavy DR cards.I tend to use Wee Lee etc cards that have a little DR tacked on.Try other game modes.DeathMatches should be short and snappy .Ok I could poison you or cut you up with life takers,and the cards that give Pills are handy.but if players don,t sort it out then we will see bans or other modes,and you will just strain the site.Oh, and you should earn Ambre,that card is so over used it takes away from the other leaders.You should be looking at them first cos they give good results.

If someone likes the above then why not make an event?Then bans new modes etc, will be less of an issue?
Oh,and make sure too invite

offline Neon-chan Imperator  
Tuesday 22/02/2011, 02:17

Why don't you just play? There is no rule against using DR in DM. If it works for them it works for them. It's not against the rules so don't cry. GraksmxxT and Uranus are fine cards for T1 Deathmatch

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Tuesday 22/02/2011, 07:41

You are quite right, after all is not the pleasure too play?

But you are not concerning yourself with the whole post are you?
Have you been reading the other posts about such bans etc?
T1 DM? Sorry you will have to show me where that playground is.Actually please dont!

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Tuesday 22/02/2011, 17:26

Smoke screen.The old guard are so busy thinking they have top decks for DM2 .Some new dogs bites em rear!lol

offline Immortal One Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 22/02/2011, 19:57

@everyone: can someone clue me in on what he's saying cuz I just dont understand

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Wednesday 23/02/2011, 05:01

Develope some more then .lol

offline Immortal One Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 23/02/2011, 06:01

Lol ur hilarious. U tell me to develop when ur the one complaining about DR's. What a noobish thing to complain about.

Btw, I am from WMDistracted. By the looks of it as well, u got nothing on me man.

offline IM_Futura Imperator Immortality
Wednesday 23/02/2011, 07:29

He's saying that Damage reducer's should be banned from death match because they make the battles slow. Death match games should be short and quick (2hko or 3hko sort of games).

offline BlitzAssassin Titan Anime lovers 101
Thursday 24/02/2011, 03:12

Ok I will try and clear this up.I,m having a rant at the style of play I don,t like in DMT2.Sorry I just got wound up.I,m not a fan of bans,but I would like to see some events that cater for my style,and indeed those that would like bans.I,m not sure you should field 2 Heavy DRs in a DMT2? I use 1 heavy or I go for as I say a semi DR like wee lee or tan.I.m just of the opinion that some players I see in DM should be in Survival mode.Sorry for any offence caused,but I like to get in the spirit of these thingslol Boxers before a fight or ........Come on fool! I,ll hand you your arse in some such fashion that you will be etc etc

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