Farfethed deck, please tell Your opinion :)

Thursday 17/06/2010, 13:49

Hey, I made something like that:


Could You tell me what You think about it? Nightmare lacks good 3* so in 5* / 2x4* / 2x3* / 3x2* split I decided to use Uranus and Spiaghi as reducers, and Copper temporairy takes Ghumbos place... It looks strange but already got me past 1300 elo and I'm hoping for more :) with hand of all cards from different clans we have Copper and two reducers, and in case of meeting GHEIST or Roots, Nightmares bonus is often active with 2 or 3 cards to beat them :)

Thursday 17/06/2010, 15:23

I like it but for elo i'm level 19 and the best deck i have ever used HAS to be this one For the first time i have reached 1400 elo


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