offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Monday 20/09/2010, 04:51

Is there even a pattern to what cards go into the election? Because last week Rolph was missing, and now both Morphun and Caelus are hanging around over there, even though they are staff banned.

offline BesucherXia Titan XiongDang
Monday 20/09/2010, 11:33

I think its about following:

The 4 most played cards from the 6 most played clans (now maybe 8 clans) enter the voting list, plus any cards that have been player banned in last voting.

Morphun and caelus are banned both by players and staffs, thus still in the voting list. Not sure about Rolph though.

offline All-GioYNWA Novice  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 11:46

Well, they took both of them from the election now.

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