offline Maelious Hero  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 13:13

So I was thinking about this now
Ulu watu: Nanook, Gaia, Janice, Lulabee/Stanly (he may be better because of the 2 hko with the other part of the deck)
Roots: Arno, Noodile, Yookie, Rico.
So.. opinions and changes smiley

Thanks in advance smiley

offline Shakz_95 Veteran  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 16:40

I use a half ulu watu deck


offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Tuesday 21/09/2010, 17:24

DJ shax, that's not really what the OP asked for. smiley

I see nothing wrong with that deck, Razvan. I'd go with Stanly or Hikiyousan before Lulabee, but that's just preference. smiley

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