offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 11/10/2007, 16:32

A new ranking basis for tourney prize distribution? yes..they made it top150 instead of top50 just today..hehe..I hope this works for everybody..Ggs

offline Geir Imperator The Fighting Love Babies
Friday 12/10/2007, 14:27


i must say i find the new ranking in tournament a little stupid, top 5 get the same amount of clintz.....and its less point to be very good, seems like me they want the bad players to be in the list.

Its almost pointless to be in tournaments now.....

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 12/10/2007, 15:07

For me, they could give 2 credits for the winner of the tournament. This will give a better prize for him smiley

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 12/10/2007, 15:10

Yes..Geir..I feel that too..that's why I don't play tourneys anymore..I only play it halfway and then go somewhere else..honestly..I don't like the new system at all..I feel like winning very little amount of clintz nowadays as compared in the past

offline 0 SpeeD Master  
Friday 12/10/2007, 15:51

Yeah... it feels like the efforts that you do are not rewarded appropriately.. i top earlier then i only get 3200 clintz.. it really feels bad for the persons who scores high in the tournament..

offline NachomusPrime Master  
Friday 12/10/2007, 18:35

This morning the top 3 people each received around 5500 clintz. I'D say thats incentive to participate. The more people participate in a tourney the more clintz there are for everyone. I think what the developers are trying to do is get more people to participate in the tournies.

Besides, you say its pointless to participate in tournies because your getting less clintz. By not participating you get a grand total of 0 clintz.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 13/10/2007, 02:36

It is not pointless to participate..we still get to have credits there..that is a good thing..but as for the prize clintz? the big prizes can only be had in the Top1-10 but not everyone gets in the Top5 or Top10 you know..that is hard work considering that random factor is present..and besides..that would not be fair for the Top1 to receive the same prize as the Top2-5 because after all.."He is Top1"..he deserves much more than that..and nowadays if you get Top11 onwards you get very less clintz than in the past..5500 clintz for the top3 people.."not everybody gets there"..the only chance other people had in the past to get a decent amount of clintz was to be in the upper Top25..that way they still get to have at least a thousand clintz..

By the way..about the recent tourney..
Top 1-5 got (1962 clintz)
Top 6-10 got (981clintz)
Top 11-25 got (392 clintz)
Top 26-50 got (294 clintz)
Top 51-100 got (196 clintz)
Top 101-150 got (98 clintz)

For 1hr and 30 mins of tourney..this is what they got..

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 05:39

Hell no!!! to this new rule

offline 0 SpeeD Master  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 09:16

Yeah... ground_zero is right...

offline Mikuljonac Senior  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 20:33

Yeah i was about 300 and i got

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