offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 11/10/2007, 16:32

A new ranking basis for tourney prize distribution? yes..they made it top150 instead of top50 just today..hehe..I hope this works for everybody..Ggs

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Saturday 13/10/2007, 21:11

5500 is very little compared to the 17K the winner used to get in tournys...i used to play in like 3 tournys and notch up 40K or so....and then not have to play for a 5500 is nothing compared...

offline Geir Imperator The Fighting Love Babies
Wednesday 17/10/2007, 10:33

Its a joke

offline NewType_0 Imperator  
Wednesday 17/10/2007, 10:51

I think this rule helps weak(can't find any lighter word to use) players get more clintz

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 17/10/2007, 10:57

What 0ET-Shadow is saying is true before some guys can earn 10k-18k easily just by winning a single daily tournament but for this change I do not object for it was a very democratic change. We have an election on how the prizes will be distributed during daily tournament and this change benefits new players.

offline WedgeWarrior Novice  
Saturday 20/10/2007, 02:51

Its ok coz newbies also need a bit of the prize

offline Geir Imperator The Fighting Love Babies
Sunday 21/10/2007, 22:22

I have never seen any election as 0ET-Jade referring to here, so i can not agree to it was a very democratic change. So, still a joke how they changed it. Using the point as Newbies also need a bit of the prize is completely ridiculous as just by entering the tournament they would get an prize anyway. It may benefit the new and the weak, but should they also not take the hardcore players into consideration???

offline i amPOWERFUL Senior  
Monday 22/10/2007, 10:35

This is too shocking but i hope you do not be too shocked.i placed top 8 in a tourney.....but i lost to top 169 cause of other players

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 22/10/2007, 12:53

Yup we did have an election a month before you joined. We even have a discussion where we stated our opinion on the changes. This is the link of the post started by Sven:

If what you mean was that the current format is a joke and not what Shadow said that we were able to earn 18k per tourney then I agree with you Geir. The current format of daily tournament or the whole game itself is geared towards New Players.

offline Geir Imperator The Fighting Love Babies
Monday 22/10/2007, 17:03

Then lets have 2 tournaments, 1 for newbies and 1 for the ones who been there longer......i know there is ELO, but its more fun in the fast and short tournaments......

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