offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Saturday 22/05/2010, 11:00

I am making this thread because i feel some cards are underused even though they are quite viable in top tier play. Here goes.

I dont really wanna comment on a clan that i don't have much expertise on, so i will go ahead and state that marina is probably the best unbanned card in the game, and is really under rated..

This is easy. Shann. This card is by far the best 5 star for the clan. really under used, and is very strong unless hit by roots DR.

Fang Pi:
Sayura: although 6 power stinks, this card is still pretty good to pill on, especially since you can get up to 9 damage through.

Mira. This card is a staple in my freaks decks. Combined with pill manipulation from Junkz (or the new 5 star freak), this card can overpower even the most power ghiest cards whenever it chooses.

Splata CR: This card is still the best 5* freak imo, since bogdan is a true staple. Under used.

Bristone. This card offers what very few cards can: damage reduct and SOA. It shuts down so many cards. with having a useable 6 power as well.

Definetly wendy. This card isnt bad for a two star, especially since it can widen a gap. most importantly, it can still get the important 4-6 gap when hit by soa.

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Friday 28/05/2010, 14:46

@Its Tcg Kris
Just proving my point, she is overrated and no one sees it "At least tied for second in 3 Star staples for Ulu" Let me name all the cards better than gaia for 3 stars kirk, nanook, george, lin bee, janice and ice jim. Seriously - 3 atk just isn't good with the bonus of +2 power. kirk has dr which can change games more than a useless attack manipulation. George has + life and 1 more life difference so this can win more games then useless attack manipulation could. Lin bee and ice jim have soa, better than gaia useless ability. Janice has a nice stop and good decent stats.

Yes she is playible at level 1 and 2 but I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the level 3. Level 1 I'd rather use warren cas of cost and the fact he can beat randy and other pow = opp power easily. Gabriella and tiago are better at 2 stars. She is just overrated at all levels.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Friday 28/05/2010, 15:35

Make the distinction between over rated and over priced.
gaia is overpriced, not over rated. 9/4 with a small attack manipulation that forces uppers montana and sahkrom to pill is a good card.
kirk ice jim lin bee only have 3 damage.. this is a big problem for ulu watu.
ulu watu have lots of playable 3 star cards i agree, but to put gaia at the bottom of the pile is far from the gaia is harsh

at 1 star she is better than warren in the majority of cases.... her being a lot more expensive than warren doesnt make her over rated, it makes her over priced. the same can be said with the price of wanda over gwen or svelthlana . in a situation where clintz is not an issue, people would play gaia or wanda at 1 star over warre/gwen/svelthlana.

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Friday 28/05/2010, 19:29

Alot of these cards that people are mentioning i would never put in my elo decks in a million years lol.

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Friday 28/05/2010, 21:21

All Stars - Mario. 6/3 with -2 power is nice. Almost like wardog.
Bangers - Kluwn - He's a mini-Blaaster, the only problem is min of 5.
FPC - Macumba. She's almost same as Gatline
Freaks - Mira.
GHEISt - Dolly. Win with her, lose one round and KO with wardom.
Jungo - maybe Elea? When Shakra is free, sure.
Junkz - Fuzz. what a bluff. 6 power isn't bad.
La Junta - Naginata, I guess. She's such a beast but I've never seen her in battle.
Montana - Ficcanaso. A wonderful gap for a 2* montana.
Nightmare - Azel. I'd say better than Greem, because she's by far better against all stars
Piranas - maybe andsom? Better pill manipulation than baldovino, and sob.
Pussycats - Louise. Just as strong as Copper!
Rescue - Hax. His 5 damage isn't so bad now as rescue has good 6 damage 4*.
Roots - Amanie. works fine with Arno, Jeena, Yookie.
Sakrohm - Corrina - She's really good, but not used because there's Nimestiec, Uranus, Murray, Sigma...
Sentinel - miranda. Isn't 7/6 good for a 4*?
Skeelz - Zeke. Same as above, but just limited to use in the first 2 rounds for one less star.
Ulu Watu - none. ok, maybe orlando - not that he's elo good (because of stanly) but he isn't as bad as shown.
Uppers - Glenn. That's a beast!

offline TrueRescue Senior  
Friday 28/05/2010, 21:25

Lea has to be the most underrated card in all of rescue she is only 2*'s, doesnt have courage and is nearly 1/10 the price of kerry.

offline 0 avist Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 28/05/2010, 23:42

I think that Dolly is greatly underated for gheist she has a seven base power and can really hurt with poisen

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 29/05/2010, 00:30

PwnageUSA she is the staple card in the entire clan her and Elviria are a must

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 30/05/2010, 13:07

Trinmkkt, 6/6 dr? he is a peeler with 1 less power and damage

offline we_le-monster Novice  
Sunday 06/06/2010, 03:06


offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Sunday 06/06/2010, 07:36


People use Elvira all the time but I hardly ever see him. Probably because there's not too many Junkz mono - decks going around.

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