offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 04/06/2010, 15:19

Hello all,

We are aware that the ELO mode is not particularly satisfying as it is right now. Until now we had the will to staff ban as little cards as possible, only those which seemed really too strong according to us. We used to count on your votes to bring more diversity in ELO decks.

We will change this system.

We don’t know how it will evolve yet but we worked quite a lot on it already. It will take some time before these changes will be released (not too much, you won’t wait for years don’t worry smiley). The only thing I can tell you is that we’ll do what we think is consistent and efficient to give more diversity and fun to this mode.

There won’t be big changes in the game mode. Changes will be more on the cards ban system. We will handle staff bans with a complete different policy. Forget about «the strongest cards are banned forever». But there will be more banned cards, for a shorter duration and not only the strongest cards. As I said previously, our goal is : diversity and fun.

I’m sure you’ll like it smiley

offline Hunterrrrrrr Titan TrAitorzZz
Friday 11/06/2010, 23:56

@Taso HoC:
Of Course! That's no big news.... And considering you are playing UR, you don't mind spending some money for fun.

Yes UR does everything in it's power to make more and more and more money. That's the reasons why there are so many addictive brainnumbing aspects to this game.

offline Hunterrrrrrr Titan TrAitorzZz
Saturday 12/06/2010

Why not unban the big 5. That action will only make players spend more and more money to get one of them.

For example 1000 credits is about 40 euro's and 1000 credits will get you 100.000 clintz on average.
DJ Korr Cr is about 6,5 milion clintz.

That makes DJ Korr Cr worth about:
(6.500.000/100.000) x 40 euro's = 2600 euro's

Just keep it in mind while buying packs to get more clintz to eventually buy just ONE of the big FIVE for 2600 euro's....

offline GarionKaiser Imperator Organized Konfusion
Saturday 12/06/2010, 08:12

ELO mode is ELO mode, i dont mind unbanning some cards, but something like unbanning a "GOD" card and banning the support card idea is meh

make a new room imo smiley

offline Sk44rl0ck-AC Master aussie crusaders
Saturday 12/06/2010, 13:29

I got an idea!

How about a room for new players (lvl 15-40 with a collection of less than 20%?)

That way, there will be fairness for new players smiley

offline Zaraphael Novice  
Saturday 12/06/2010, 16:32

If they really wanted to make money they'd ban different cards each day of the week. That way you don't need one of the big 5 to dominate, you'd need all of them. smiley

offline LoD deveris Titan  
Saturday 12/06/2010, 22:31

I think it is a horrible idea to rotate the top 5 in; and if you do, those cards should be made available. I don't believe that they will be unbanned. They would lose a lot of newer players, because of lack of cards. It is also wrong to make it you would spend a arm and a leg to play a advertised free game. I think that there should be a little bit more prize incentive for play. They also could make just elo mode more in-depth in play. As for banning and unbanning cards for the week, i think they should just rotate. That is all that happens anyway, with players becoming biased throughout the week and then changing their mind the next. Of course, those who own the top 5 are going to want them to unbanned, but it's not a good idea in general. Even if I owned them, I think it would be a bad idea overall.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Saturday 12/06/2010, 23:45

Just a friendly reminder... ELO is just one mode of play in this game

making ELO a bit more inaccessible for brand new players is not really a problem in my honest opinion.

there are the beginning rooms for new players, then eventually they will play DTs, and Deathmatches. All the clintz and credits they earn can go toward making those competitive ELO decks.

at the moment it doesnt really take much clintz to play
for 5k in clintz one can make competitive DT decks that can me a clintz maker
and for 15k in clintz or even less if you use Roots.. a competitive 1300 ELO deck can be made

offline LoD deveris Titan  
Sunday 13/06/2010, 01:32

Elo is also the most competitive and interesting play style. Keeping Elo limited to older players makes Urban Rivals less interesting to newer players like me. Especially those of us who like to compete, gain experience, and better our game play. Elo is the place to do that.

offline XCap Wild Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 13/06/2010, 02:31

There was a huge elo push last time the permaban list was changed. Would freshen things up a bit. There are some cards on it that really could be pulled off because they arn't as strong in todays meta and there are some new ones that have came out since the last made list that deserve to be on it. That really is the best start.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 13/06/2010, 03:16


yup totally understand your point. by competitive, what do you mean? should new players with weak cards be making 1300 every week?

a smaller collection should mean that what one defines as competitive is adjusted accordingly.

goals in ELO should be something along these lines as people are growing their collections:
1)play 5 games and be above 1000 at the end of the week for the clintz and 2 credits
2) 1200 points at the end of the week for the clintz and 5 credits
3) 1300 points at the end of the week for the clintz and 10 credits
4) top 100s or better

now should new players be able to meet goals 3 and 4 right away? that would actually make the game less interesting and the motivation to save clintz/credits and collect cards would actually drop

you own almost 500 of the cards... but you have less than 500 matches of experience. what is keeping you out of higher ELO scores is not the cards, but the match experience. keep playing and improve, and 1300 will be easy regardless of what deck format is allowed in any given ELO week

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