Tuesday 28/09/2010, 04:07

Roots/Ghiest is nuts for a lot of clans because they nullify allot of the bigger cards that rely on those abilities.
Pirahnas/Nightmare sucks for the many clans that rely on their bonuses. It also evens the odds against Roots/GHEIST by playing on an even playing field. (Except for Roots' generally higher base power.)

So in an ELO war being won in the upper echelons by Roots mono or hybrid, and Piranhas seeing a lot of action to try to counter in the meta....

Where's the scissors in this? Skeelz?

What's a solid meta choice when the field is full of denial clans?

Tuesday 28/09/2010, 04:53

This week, Roots are dead, so I suggest you run STOP:Jungo


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