offline Alkahest_ Novice  
Sunday 07/11/2010, 18:09

Okay, it my first time using rescue, so i need help smiley anyway, here's my idea for a deck (btw, because im low levelled i'll probz just use this deck for T1, not ELO, not next week anyway...)


Steve-**----5000--[-2 opp dmg, min 1]
Glosh-****-1500--[Stop: Power +3]
Slyde--***---400---[-3 opp dmg, min 1]

help me out please!! is this good? any replacements/changes?
PM me please smiley smiley

offline Alkahest_ Novice  
Sunday 07/11/2010, 18:33

I'v looked and imma try this deck out now, im bored so i may aswell. personally, I think rescue needs a pil manip *hint hint UR*.

offline Alkahest_ Novice  
Sunday 07/11/2010, 19:02

This is wot i hav ended up with, i hope u enjoy smiley


offline TH_foxfire Veteran The Hybrids
Monday 08/11/2010, 14:31

There so many decks that just like that idk waht to say

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