offline RedPopsicle Veteran  
Monday 08/11/2010, 03:10

With next week's Temporary Ban consisting of all 5*, would later weeks have a ban on all 2* cards, etc.?

offline Hybrid069 Hero The Hybrids
Monday 08/11/2010, 06:41

You can't ban all 2*s because it would force everyone to use all 3*s.

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Monday 08/11/2010, 07:04

Or fillers.

I'd actually play ELO if all 2* cards were banned. That sounds like super fun! smiley

offline Kagamine Lin Senior  
Monday 08/11/2010, 07:33

If 2*s are banned that's tice banned smiley 5* and 2* try to count 1x5* 20* left and 7x3*=21 so it would be 26* not elo anymore

offline TH_foxfire Veteran The Hybrids
Monday 08/11/2010, 11:19

LOL math
well yeah it would be impossible to get 25 if theres no 2*?

offline tl1181231 Hero HKG
Monday 08/11/2010, 14:19

Maybe it's a good idea if increasing the maximun amount of stars/ mininum number of cards in an elo deck?

offline arcueid_14 Imperator Masters of Battle
Monday 08/11/2010, 14:47

@ tl1181231 : then it will be t2 smiley
Then its no more ELO, since the purpose of ELO is to build straregical deck with limited stars smiley

offline RedPopsicle Veteran  
Monday 08/11/2010, 15:54

=.= I elo with 24 stars

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Monday 08/11/2010, 16:24

Hopefully other weeks will be themed but it looks like next week isn't.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Monday 08/11/2010, 17:13

Well, if you ban all level 2
people will be forced to use level 3

@kagamine len:
I don't understand what do you mean by it would be 26 stars?

if you use all level 3 and 1 level 4
7 card * 3 stars = 21 stars and add 1 level 4 = 25 stars

nothing wrong with that


or we could have, ban on all level 3 and 4
so the format would be 3 level 5, and 5 level 2

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