offline Wolf Sister Senior  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 19:38

Well... I wanted to ask - is there some way to organize your own tournament? For example, I want to organize tournaments for my guild mates in our guild fighting room... How am I supposed to do this if its possible? Maybe it sounds stupid, but... Sorry, I needed to know this smiley

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Wednesday 14/11/2007, 22:40

Yes its possible just put a post saying itll be a tourney to see whos the best in your guild since you cant sell cards YET.
but when you can sell cards organize it and maybe put a prize try to also see when mostly everyone can get on to be in this tourney.

offline Ikonik_WCH Imperator  
Thursday 15/11/2007, 01:49

I'm doing this for my guild at the moment. Organising a tournament where the prizes are things like, Guild admin rights (limited time), credits (via phone code, not sure if thats available in your country), and a rare card for 50clintz (private trade min is 50, cant trade for free smiley )

You could do it just for fun, and say the winner wont get a kick in the teeth but everyone else will lol. only messing. gl & hf


offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Thursday 15/11/2007, 11:57

Well how do you know who is the best?like in daily tourny they will update the ranking every now and then..but if guild?

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