offline GP Yaho Master Vietnamese
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 06:32

I was in elo non random
when it was me and my Uppers Montana vs him and his All Stars
i made him overly over over pill ending me up with 5 pills at the end and him 0
i had Ottavia (C) versus his Amelia (C)
Ottavia (C) without her bonus i pilled 1
Amelia (C) with her bonus o pillz
Amelia (C)=7
Ottavia (C) = 10
i lose the round

offline geov7 Hero  
Friday 28/05/2010, 09:06

I lose rarely with bigger attack at no random ELO....thats suck!!!! also no i was playing at a T2 tournament (random) and i lost 5 times in a row with bigger attack!!!something must be done.... i pay for this game and i dont like this...if it continues i will quit

offline acacao Novice  
Friday 28/05/2010, 10:17

Hey,who played first? you or him/her? if it's you,there must be something wrong... if it's him/her,it's right...

offline 0 3MiN3M Novice  
Friday 28/05/2010, 10:28

@geov7:Wow, just because it things aren't going your way occasionally you quit? smiley

offline Slewor Guru THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Friday 28/05/2010, 13:51

@geov7: If you don't like loosing due to randomness, why don't you just play in non-randomsmiley

offline MK_Ultra Titan  
Friday 28/05/2010, 15:02

I'm not positive about this, but here is my theory: you weren't playing a non-random game, even though you were in a non-random room (crazy, I know). You can set your game type preferences in your profile so that you only play one game type or another. If your opponent has set his preference to play only normal games, then even in a "no-random" room you might end up playing a match that is in normal mode. The way to avoid this (if you hate random, like I do) is to change your own settings so that you only play non-random games. Go to you profile, click on the "Your Preferences" tab, and select "No Random" from the dropdown box at the bottom.

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