offline Lord Crepe Guru  
Thursday 19/08/2010, 02:49

Hi UR! smiley

Here's the deck I'm using in elo this week:

It's a fun and satisfying deck to use but I'm having a much harder time winning with it than when I used a Skeelz deck ( can't use it anymore because of the Chiara ban) or a gheist/All Stars. Is it just a bad deck? Or do I need more practice with it?

I've been thinking of switching Baldovino for Wolfgang and Ashley for an All Stars 3* , probably Davina, is that a good idea? Or is there something better I could do? Can't afford Olga right now, I'm working on it and I'll add her as soon as I can smiley

Please help me, I really like these 2 clans and I'd like to make a great deck with them if at all possible smiley

Thanks for reading smiley

offline yk-lyss Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 19/08/2010, 05:24

Very good deck smiley
I would only change Alexei --> Robb, Mira --> Olga, Stacey --> Jessie, and Esmeralda --> Piotr. Good luck!

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