offline MABanator Hero Ramshackle Glory
Monday 27/09/2010, 06:10

Title says it all this is for mono pussycats and also feel free 2 give your opinion on half decks

offline Kantimplora Legend  
Monday 27/09/2010, 07:06

Ditha can make a biggest life gap but has more weak points. While Louise is only seriously affected by SoAs (and 6 power is still playable), Ditha is affected by SoAs and DRs.
And if Louise has her 9 power active I find it more decisive.

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Monday 27/09/2010, 07:26

This week with the Roots and GHEIST nerfed, you'd be best off with Ditha.

offline IM _Miterman Senior  
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 00:59

When i played with pussycats,i tried them both,I perferd Lousie

offline Puddin Tame Guru  
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 04:52

I would lean towards Ditha. (Though I haven't tried Louise)

My highest ELO score is from using Ditha in mono Pussycats during a week where Roots/Gheist were unpopular. Her potential for a 14 life gap when all your other cards damage reduce is really good. I often sink all 12 pill into her.

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 05:57

I love Ditha. In Pussycats, she could win a game with one hit.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 20:12

I would use ditha she isn't stopped by soa because she would still be a 7,5

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 29/09/2010, 20:48

Louise. Awesome 9 power.

offline Pyro HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 30/09/2010, 00:43

Louise costs more for a reason

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Thursday 30/09/2010, 01:16

"Louise costs more for a reason"

This isn't always a good indicator.
Xu52 costs 3 times more than Rolph and isn't anywhere near as good a card.
Selma is half the cost of dalhia, but they're pretty much balanced.

I think both louise and ditha are equally great. All depends if you prefer attack power or gap potential.

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