Is this a decent, usable deck?

Wednesday 19/05/2010, 22:50

Is it?

Wednesday 19/05/2010, 23:37

Yeah its good but pur Wardom in there as ur 5* GHEIST

Thursday 20/05/2010, 00:01

Haha i have gotten so many comments like that

Friday 21/05/2010, 22:54

I'm not sure about Wardom...Sure, solid power and damage, but damage really isn't what your looking for in ELO...I would say, Rolph...but that's personal preference

Friday 21/05/2010, 23:13

Rolph for sure. Wardom is too predictable and if you face other GHEIST or Roots decks (which is pretty likely in ELO) you wont be able to use it anyway


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