Looking to start a new deck

Friday 27/08/2010, 17:06

I'm looking to start a new deck. Currently I play Rescue and absolutely love them. I'd like to start a dual deck preferably with stuff I already have or I can get all new stuff. I played Piranas, but did not like them, so sold the deck.

I currently have full decks of All Stars & Bangers. I also have half decks of Ulu Watu & Skeelz. I'd like a deck that does well against the plethora of SoA & SoB, and the 3 attack manip clans

Friday 27/08/2010, 17:51

Nightmare is great for stopping those anoying Uppers,sentinels,shakrom,Montana,Rescue,Bangers,Ulu Watu,all star,Roots,GHEIST,fang pi,La Junta,Freaks,Pussycats,jungos,junks and Vortex (which has a anoying bonus). :*:

Piranas in my oppinion are excelent especially for ELO when the bonuses come in even more handy
but you dont like them so.

Nightmare are also verry good/cool as you got amazing cards for it.and SOB:smile:

Saturday 28/08/2010, 07:19

All-stars and Skeelz may work together pretty well, depending on the cards you use.


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