Drawing lots of the new year!!!!!

Monday 25/12/2006, 13:32

Hello to all,
Exceptionally, we set up for new year an edition special to gain(win) rare cards and collector.
Here are prizes to gain:

2 Sigmund Cr
2 Melissa Cr
1 Lao Cr
1 complete Clan of the Leader
To register you, you just have to post a message of registration on this subject.

You have until December 30th to join, the results will be communicated with you on January 1st.

Maid and merry holidays in all ;)

Monday 25/12/2006, 13:47

I have only a Leader and i dont have any cr but i have rare cards:pirate:

Monday 25/12/2006, 15:12

Hello if i register what should i do next? Happy Holidays To Everyone Also :)

Monday 25/12/2006, 18:07

I'm in. Hand Merry Xmas to everybody and happy new year

Monday 25/12/2006, 19:33

Hello i'm participate ;)
and merry christmas et happy new year for everybody

Tuesday 26/12/2006, 02:09

Im also in. I hope everybody has a happy new year

Tuesday 26/12/2006, 03:29

I hope im in

Tuesday 26/12/2006, 05:20

Could i win?

Tuesday 26/12/2006, 08:01

I'll register

Tuesday 26/12/2006, 08:28

Ill join


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