offline Somedutch Guru  
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 05:53

Working on a Junkz / Piranas deck and this is what I got so far:



Open to any and all suggestions. Please help however you can

offline GP Yaho Master Vietnamese
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 06:56

I know you may not have the money
Andsom- Smokey Cr
Selma to Ulrich
Katan to dalhia
Tremorh to Gibson

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 07:58

Hmmm, Katan to Kristin, still a 2HKO and is much better, as Smokey Cr is out of your reach( cause you used Andsom)... i suggest Selma to dalhia, - pill is much scarier than + pill, no 2HKO but at least you'll be winning lots easily.
or you could try copying this one with Andsom for Smokey Cr:
The Rumba Pirates and rowdy for Tremorh( as the comments states)

offline Somedutch Guru  
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 11:47

@ Um Yaho: I can understand putting Ulrich in, but why Gibson instead of Tremorh? Tremorh seems like it adds some easy to pull off Pill manipulation to tag along with Gil.

@ Spreader-TCG: I was thinking about using Dalhia instead of Selma, I think I might just save up for Dalhia next. I wanted to use Smokey but it just costs too much for me right now. As for Kristin... possibly, might try to scope around for some other options, but thats not a bad choice. Kristin seems to be rather cheap too so that's a bonus.

Thanks for the help so far

offline Somedutch Guru  
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 12:10

Hmm... actually I was looking through the characters and I think that Deadeye might be playable in this deck if I replace Andsom with him and save him for the final rounds. This would require switching Selma out for Dalhia and Katan for either Kristin or (once I can afford him) Smokey so then I can replace Veenyle with a solid 3* Junkz card. That way when Deadeye pops up I can use the manipulation to make sure I have more pills then hopefully go for a KO.

Just an idea.

offline EmAndroX Senior  
Friday 28/05/2010, 20:33

Mister somedutch you can post this on the guild msg board too , i doubt i've seen the thread written there.
i'm not picking on you or anything But you'll get more answers there than here imo smiley

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