offline peter1568 Master The United Rivals Of America
Friday 06/08/2010, 23:20

The new bans have taken place and the least I could do was check the leaderboards and there it was. SO MANY PEOPLE in the 1500+ and even a 1600! I've never seen a 1600 before this week. Also, why ban 2* cards. Any good 2* that's on the banning block is now useless cuz they can't even serve their purpose when they were first made.

offline 8H D-Sparky Guru  
Saturday 07/08/2010, 01:01

No ones got 1600 this week

and only 3 or 4 are over 1500

offline El Kabong Novice Pinoy Locals
Saturday 07/08/2010, 01:58

That's because it takes more skill to win now. I think back in the old ELO all it took was a good draw to win.

offline peter1568 Master The United Rivals Of America
Saturday 07/08/2010, 03:05

Oops, I didn't notice that I went one too far. I meant 1400-1500. And by 1 i mean a few. I don't remember there being even 4 1500's in a single week that I can remember. I wish we could see ELO results from previous weeks so we can compare them all. The new bans really aren't helping anyone, they are just clearing space for the people in ELO that already have unaffected decks.

offline 0 Anderson Imperator Time Conquers All
Saturday 07/08/2010, 05:33

They werent really meant to help anyone, they were more put in place to spice up the ELO game. i actually have enjoyed the new ban system as it adds EVEN MORE strategy into ELO deck building. and there are only 3 or 4 people right now with 1500+. your most likely looking at the ELO hall of fame

offline El Kabong Novice Pinoy Locals
Saturday 07/08/2010, 05:59

I agree, it is tons better than the old one. Remember GG draws like Dahlia / Smokey / Hawkins / etc. or Striker / Marina / Randy / Robb? It's like a toss-coin game. In the new environment they are still there but are much more rarer.

offline Ouroboros-WMD Hero Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 07/08/2010, 07:38

It is basically the same thing we had before but instead of clan ban rotation we get same card ban rotation.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Saturday 07/08/2010, 08:36

Im hoping the changes happen regularly and are more drastic... next week's list is a bit too similar to this weeks

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