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Monday 04/10/2010, 02:02

This week's bans:
Characters temporarily banned by the players’ votes
Marina Askai Elvira Sigma Bodenpower Gil Sledg Shann Spiaghi Lou Leviatonn Gwen Yookie

This week (from today at 18:00 to Saturday 09/10, 18:00)
Characters temporarily banned by the staff
Robb Rolph Emeth Dalhia Noodile Dorian Blaaster Toro Mona Kerry Rico Vermyn N Pegh Ghumbo Lea
Uranus Bristone Rowdy Oshitsune Arno Chiara

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As you can see, Copper still running about for some odd reason, probably to give sentinel more play. Both SoA clans hit hard again - Roots crippled, GHEIST lose Rolph Toro Bristone Leviatonn - the Bristone ban hurts particularly hard. Rescue are still probably out, none of their staple SoBs, as well as Elvira. Nightmare probably out again as Oshitsune is back on the banlist. Chiara still out.

DR's are hit pretty hard as well - Pegh, Arno, Bristone, Uranus, VermynN out, but Spiaghi's back in play. Look to see more Montana even though Mona is out. Apart from that, usual suspects (Marina, Blaaster, Dorian, Bodenpower - basically high power high damage cards) are out as well

Piranas still running strong, so figure to see a lot of them, I know I'll be running a Pirana deck.

TLDR: Copper still on the loose and probably more rampant than last week. Lots of piranas.

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Saturday 09/10/2010, 08:03

I am so sad I sold my XU52... I figured his price spike was temporary smiley

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