offline gogic Master  
Monday 06/09/2010, 23:55

I am making a SoA / SoB deck , and i made this cute one for only 9k . Tell me what do u think about it and suggest what to change to improve

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 00:50

Kiki to Lou, asap.

Kiki is simply too unstable. 7 power isn't great enough to risk the 4.

Otherwise it's solid, but there's nothing about it that sets me on fire.

offline Zapper1300 Titan Legends of the Dark
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 00:55

The first thing you should do is replace Kiki with Lou or even Ojibway. GHEIST are popular and Kiki would be awful in that matchup

offline Mr Viggz Veteran the courtyard of shadows
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 01:13

Take one of the roots 3* and turn it to arno. Then replace dieter with glorg or some other nightmare 4*. Otherwise I agree with shadowcouncil

offline gogic Master  
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 09:10

Y good point , i have changed Kiki with Lou but i dont know about Arno smiley , and would like to get Glorg but if there is some other way

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Tuesday 07/09/2010, 10:13

There's another way if you don't like Arno.

Rico To Jeto
Dieter to Glorg


Sargh to Mawpin
Dieter to Glorg

Either way will do just fine.

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