offline zeropsia Hero  
Monday 28/02/2011, 22:20

Okay, I'm a newbie at Survivor T2 and I came up with this Ulu Watu/Sentinel Deck. Any suggestions?

Miss Chloe

Ulu Watu~
Wee Lee (obviously can't afford Tan-Man or he would be here)

Any future with this deck?

offline deathbychips Guru  
Tuesday 01/03/2011, 02:26

I would change Stanly to Morphun for later stages in Survivor when you become low on pillz. Otherwise, looks like a very solid deck.

offline zeropsia Hero  
Tuesday 01/03/2011, 07:51

Thanks for the advice, and I do see how that would help, but I see some flaws to that as well.
First of all, Ulu Watu are *fairly* reliant on their bonus. Taking that away from them really weakens them. With only 3 in the team their bonus may not be seen much. That hurts Serena most, virtually no ability or bonus.
Secondly, his 5 damage doesn't blend in well with the rest of the team who have either 6 or 8 damage.

Taking all this in mind, I'm not sure if I should use Morphun... I do agree with you but at the same time disagree smiley

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