offline codedwords Novice  
Tuesday 22/03/2011, 22:32

Despite having recorded 8 wins in a row with a Jungo deck and 5 with an Uppers/Roots half-deck, it seems like SoB clans like Nightmare and Pirana totally nullify any bonus of any clan. When I play clans with SoB, I just don't know how to fight them. Are SoB decks just really good in Survivor or does anybody have any tips that can help me out?

offline Riqochaii Guru BrainZtorm
Wednesday 23/03/2011, 01:51

Skeelz is a pretty good clan to use against them or use cards with SoB or another good ability

offline 0 Xavi Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 23/03/2011, 04:37

Nightmare is both effective and common in T2 Survivor because of cards like Kolos, Ghumbo, Nistarok and Oshitsune.

If you want to play against them, you'll need to have cards with abilities that have attack/power manipulation and SOA

offline KNIGHTomato Imperator  
Wednesday 23/03/2011, 15:26

Funny I figured you wouldn't have that hard a time with Jungo. They're not as badly affected as say, Rescue or Uppers or something.

Use cards that work well with stats and ability, just more well-balanced cards really.

Uh some Jungo examples... Askai's pretty good against them, as is Buba. Don't go with too many 'low rewards' cards like having Mindy Radek and Rodney together because you can lose the game lacking lifegap.

offline codedwords Novice  
Thursday 24/03/2011, 15:31

I actually have a Rescue deck and have had slightly better luck against Nightmare and Pirana decks. The thing is that I'm playing in ELO T1 Survivor right now, so Askai isn't an option because she's banned, and neither is Ongh. Most of the other cards in Jungo that aren't ELO banned are low damage because the life gap bonus is huge.

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