offline owButtacup Ld Veteran ONE WORLD
Wednesday 11/08/2010, 23:23

What clan can i start using instead of Roots. I kinda prefer drs, 7 + power and life manip. not a fan of high damage, that's why im not using GHEIST.

Possible clans:

I prefer playing half clans. Current combination and deck can be found in my bio.

Already used this clan with Roots.
La Junta

La Junta/Roots, Jungo/Roots Pussycats/Roots were my best combination.

So any clan ideas since Roots are on life support. Yookie, noodile and Shakra are banned, next week Lou is gonna get banned. I need some good clans. my strategy is built on gaining a large enough life gap that my opp wont be able to win.

offline Lionsprey Guru  
Thursday 12/08/2010, 20:29

Besides the ones you alreday listed i figure Nightmare got some of those lifegap cards

offline wasteroftime Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 12/08/2010, 20:40

Pussycats are a bit short handed....

but running low star half deck of muse Ella Brittany and Svelthlana 1* 17 more stars to spend on some heavy hitters.

or you could use Louise over Svelthlana and still have 13 more stars for Petra Murray Wakai/Naboh and Jautya

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