offline all41n14all Veteran  
Friday 13/08/2010, 00:40

Well i need to make a 23 star elo deck for an event it needs to consists of
4 2 stars
2 3 stars
1 4 star
and 1 5 star.
I was thinking of making a bangers/ulu watu.
Graff, Bennie, Shogunn, and Bodenpower, Taigo, Nanook, Gabrielle, and Janice.
How does it sound?

offline owButtacup Ld Veteran ONE WORLD
Friday 13/08/2010, 03:49

I went to 1300 in elo with 24 stars. sounds like a good idea. I would suggest using using loocio over bennie but it's ur choice

offline all41n14all Veteran  
Friday 13/08/2010, 17:23

Yea but i have to make a 23 star deck for an event

offline Rain-Teller Imperator Organized Konfusion
Friday 13/08/2010, 19:28

To match Loocio you can lower Bodenpower to Chlora (1 less dmg) and replace Bennie with Loocio (1 more dmg). Damage-wise deck is the same, power wise it is also the same. The main difference is that you distribute damage and power more equally over cards in your deck.

offline lordorgg Hero  
Friday 13/08/2010, 22:10

I like mono Ulu Watu


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