offline Clairesu_LoA Imperator Legends of America
Saturday 22/05/2010, 06:11

I realize that there may be many people on here that, like me, have not gotten to 1400 or be willing to share their secret. I, for my part, have been able to score somewhat often over 1300 with a personal best of 1378, but I have not gotten to the magic 1400, which is my aspiration and goal.

So, for those of you chosen experts, do you have any advice, any strategy?
Do you have a special deck, or special decks?
Do you choose to play at certain times of the day or on certain days?
Do you find a specific playing style that works particularly better?
Do you find different competition at different levels of the event?
What do you do if you get into a slump or losing streak?

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks sincerely for your time and response.

offline Arlo_TpU Titan ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN``
Thursday 19/02/2015, 03:47

Just to keep them honest? Keeping people honest is a waste of pills (in round 1 and 2). Decide whether or not they bluffed and act accordingly. It's okay to be wrong... but it's not really okay to half-ass it. If you think you can win by using 4 pills then do it with Kazayan. Save your SoA for Nabrissa.

offline DragoRoyal Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 19/02/2015, 12:18

Double old and win 50/50 smiley

offline 0 Arrogantaldo- Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 19/02/2015, 19:36

Easy way in elo...

till 1300-1320+ use some fast decks like mono Junta or Mono rescuesmiley

after that play stable ones like roots half and such rubbish smiley

offline Spikey 13 Guru Comfort In Sound
Friday 20/02/2015, 21:37

Use Maurice, Nellie, Josephine and Kazayan plus Gail Ld, Jose Star/Wendel and Saltsberg with your preferred 3* and I'd say your chances of 1400 this week will be significantly increased.

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