offline Atrimis Master  
Thursday 19/08/2010, 09:50

I currently have an elo deck that is half Bangers, half Junkz.


I'm wondering which cards could be changed out, and/or if either of these clans pair better with a different clan. Any help would be appreciated. Although I will question some decisions, it won't be because I'm being rude; eventually I'd like to be the person helping others, and I can only get to that point by learning.

offline lordorgg Hero  
Thursday 19/08/2010, 15:31

I like Bangers/Junkz decks

Assuming clintz are not an issue, there are several changed I would make.....

I'd start by getting Graff and B Ball in as your Banger 2 stars, and Loocio is better than Saddy and I prefer Bodenpower over Willy....

Gibson is currently the only good Junkz 4 star that is not elo banned, so get him. Tremorh, Onik, and even Keanew are better 3 stars than Berserkgirl.

Pretty much Veenyle is the only card in that deck I would normally play.

offline SilwterAdasko Titan  
Friday 20/08/2010, 01:27

I'd change junkz half to Veenyle,Tremorh,Onik and Haze. It gets you more power, solid damage + nice abilities.

for bangers, graff and b ball make great pair for 4*

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