offline GRIM D16 Titan  
Wednesday 15/09/2010, 21:32

Just played 23 battles in a row, 16 hands I had a 3 star and three 2 star cards, hard to pull off a win when the opponent has at least one 5 star and one to two 4 star card on the draw.
All 7 other battles I got one 4 star and rest either 2 stars or a 3 star with two 2 stars.
Now I remember why I put four 4 stars in a deck instead of a 5 star card!
This isn't the first time this has happened to me, whenever I build a deck with a 5 star card in it, the 5 star comes up so rarely that I might as well build an all 2 star deck.
I think the UR gods hate me for some reason.
Always putting me up against 5,4,3,4 deck when mine is 2,2,2,3 or 2,3,2,3 . (balance?)

offline URHunter Titan  
Thursday 16/09/2010, 10:47

With so many players playing so many games a day, it is inevitable that someone gets a run of bad luck.

offline redeemeraz Veteran  
Thursday 16/09/2010, 18:51

I think your depending to much on Cliff. Ive had alot of success with my current deck, that also has cliff, but I have some harder hitters then you for a total of 36 damage possible. So even without Cliff, I have options for 2HKOs

Cliffs 2HKO

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