offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Friday 02/07/2010, 14:41

HI is it right that if your against some one with 1 or 2 cards with the stop + attack/power that if you have an soa ability or a split deck with roots/anything other than gheist, that you should only use your soa cards on the second turn and not first? If you think its a case of your stop card being used at the end against their stop + xpower card should you save pills (cause your opponent had more options than u and had cards which did not suit your deck) ?

offline Lunien Guru  
Friday 02/07/2010, 21:04

Just use logic and plan accordingly. Say you have 2 SoA cards, and 2 whatevers. They have 1 stop card. Just play one whenever they go first if its not a stop card.

With 2 stop cards against 2 SoA you will have to activate one of the 2 stop cards:
If you go first (You play non SoA card, they play whatever, when it's their turn they play a stop card, if you don't activate this one you will activate the other since you go first in the 3rd round)

If you go second: (They play stop card, you play a nonSoA card, then on your turn you either have to play an SoA card or have both SoA's on hand for the last 2 rounds, either way they get a stop card activated)

As for whether to let it through...its your choice, though stop cards are usually nasty, you might want to let it through to get revenge (Gheist's Wardom comes to mind, lose to one stop card and get the revenge ability for next round).

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