offline Skirsdag Guru Elysium Aether
Monday 19/07/2010, 11:01

It's sad.
Barely anyone uses Freaks in ELO - It's all Rescue and Montana and GHEIST (etc.).
Freaks is the one clan nobody seams to use.
I know it's probably because of their poor bonus (Nothing compared with SOA or even other Poisoners, like Dolly).
Maybe if it were Poison 2, min. 1 it would be different.
My favorite card when I was starting was Kharl, so Freaks have always been close to my heart.
So... Do Freaks work for you?
How do you do it?
Here is an ELO deck I created (I usually use La Junta), with basically what cards I had:
Olga Noel

I know it's not great, but it's OK.... Cassandra for Erpeto would make life easier, maybe.
A question for Freaks Half-Deck Players - what clan do you use with them

Here's for Freaks!

offline St3f Guru  
Monday 19/07/2010, 12:04

Freaks mono? Not really , freaks are better in half decks ,and your deck is missing blodgan and grudj the two best 4 stars in freaks.

offline St3f Guru  
Monday 19/07/2010, 12:05

As for the question[quote] How do you do it?[quote]

I ignore their bonus and try to win as much rounds as possible with theri walls. I often bluff at the first round too

offline UM-omom Imperator  
Monday 19/07/2010, 12:54

I still prefer half Freaks but if they have more cards with:
Decent Power
Decent Damage
Attack/Power/Pillz manipulation Ability
SOB Ability
Support Ability...

... i think i'll start using Mono Freaks

and why not replace Vassili to Bogdan and Grudj?

offline Skirsdag Guru Elysium Aether
Monday 19/07/2010, 13:42

I don't have them.

offline PhaserhawkLoA Legend  
Monday 19/07/2010, 15:24

Freaks are getting the shaft, they are underpowered and underused. The best way I have found to use them, is assume you don't have a bonus, and try to win the old hard way, they just don't have the fire power to go Mono, not saying it cannot be done, but it would be difficult

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Monday 19/07/2010, 16:35

Freaks are sort of like Fang Pi, but the damage takes 2 extra turns to go through..

offline Population 0 Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 19/07/2010, 16:58

Well, I play freaks a lot and they're just not good enough to compete in ELO later on. I do love playing them mono or 7/1 with spaighi in survivor, they're way better there.

offline Puddin Tame Guru  
Monday 19/07/2010, 18:50

I used to use them in ELO a lot and I still use them now and then but not mono. There is just no reason I know of to use them mono. Once you have hit your opponent with poison it is like the rest of your cards have no bonus.

For halfs I mainly use Freaks / Pussy Cats or Freaks with Bridget, Uranus and some third damage reducer.

Also, looking at what you have above there, you may want to consider using Mira, she is cheap and in weeks like this where Roots will be common she will probably help out a lot.

offline Skirsdag Guru Elysium Aether
Monday 19/07/2010, 19:44

How about this:


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