offline 0-kaizer13 Veteran Anjeng!
Saturday 10/07/2010, 07:16

I've posted in request of advice in the other thread

with 4 good clans in my collection, I'm looking to get into ELO mode, this the list of my cards:
For Uppers, I already own Nellie, Oxen, Rubie, Zatman, Beetenka and Dorian
For All Stars, I already own Striker, Marina, Jessie and Randy
For Sakrohm, I already own Eris, TrinmkkT, SkrumxxT, Petra and Uranus
For Bangers, I already own Bodenpower, Lennox, Willy, Vermyn N, Juicy Lord and Graff

Which combination will be good? I've tried All Stars + Eyrik before, but can't reach 1300 ELO (it was about 1150)

offline Lunien Guru  
Saturday 10/07/2010, 15:56

Just play more and get used to a deck.

You have excellent high star cards, but now you need some 2 and 3 stars from, the clans you have, for example:
Uppers: Wendel maybe, you're actually good for the uppers cards
All Stars: Robb is almost a must in ELO, Stacey is good too.
Sakrohm: Get Murray, maybe nimestiec
Bangers: Massiv, BBall.

After that just mix and match till you have something you like.

offline MeetZackBlack Hero  
Saturday 10/07/2010, 16:59

You have OK cards, but now you need low starred staples. I would suggest:
Uppers - Wendel, Samantha is OK. Uppers isn't a great clan for ELO.
All Stars - Robb is a powerful force, Stacey is OK, but i wouldn't suggest using Ashley. She is good for half decks, but in Mono go with Spiaghi (splash card).
Sakrohm - Murray, definetely Murray. Try Wakai, he is OK, Jautya is amazing at times. Na Boh and Corrina are great choices aswell

Bangers - B Ball. Shann is fantastic in a mono clan deck, Shogunn is great, and Loocio is good if you could fit him in.

offline 0-kaizer13 Veteran Anjeng!
Sunday 11/07/2010, 03:25

So, I assume that All Stars remains better choice compared to Uppers in ELO.
Maybe I'll upgrade my mono All Stars with Stacey and Robb (I don't have them in my collection).

I'm not following ELO that much, but I heard that Striker and Marina frequently get banned, while those cards are considered staples in the mono All Stars deck. So, If Striker and Marina get banned, what kind of Sakrohm or Bangers deck can perform as much as the mono All Stars? If there are other clans that you recommend, I can switch my collection and start invest to that clan.

offline - Gino - Senior  
Sunday 11/07/2010, 18:21

Well All stars are an auto pick for me when marina and striker are both unbanned. Even when one of the two are unbanned they are more then good to play in ELO. I personally prefer to play all stars as mono deck w/ a leader and a splash card either being spiaghi as a 2* or uranus/chiara/sigma as a 3* filler. I usually change the fillers based on the weekly meta and how I make some individual deck choices.

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